So that everything goes well during the move

So that everything goes well during the move

When we move, we are opening up a new chapter in the book of our lives. It's exciting, but hard work too. We've got five tips and a practical moving checklist for you to download as a PDF. This way, the anticipation of your new home outweighs the stress of moving.

Moving means planning

As soon as the new rental agreement has been signed, you'll be be thinking about how you want to organize your move: Do you want to move the things yourself, to save money, or hire a professional removal company? But that's not all of course, as you'll also soon need to think about things like the right moving boxes or the final cleaning of the old apartment. Our moving checklist will help you keep track of all the important tasks: from the apartment inspection to the helpers' party for the moving team. Because it's the little things that are easily forgotten during a move. Have you already thought about reserving a parking space for the removal van? And have you already applied for special leave for the move with your employer? 

By the way, a move offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things. Check with your local authority to see if you will have to dispose of your waste yourself or if you can leave some out for bulk waste collection. You can find further information on clearing out or "decluttering" in our FAQs. And don't forget to inform the most important institutions and companies about your new address four weeks before the deadline, and to apply for a forwarding order at the post office. You can find more tips on changing your address on the page "Change address: This checklist ensures no-one is forgotten".

Packing – but properly

Use your head when packing. What items do you need during the move? Which ones can you unpack later in the new apartment? Label moving boxes on the side instead of on top. This way, the information is also legible when the boxes are stacked. what's more, label the rooms in the new flat the same as the boxes and furniture. This way, the removal helpers will know right away what belongs in which room. Carefully pack framed pictures and fragile objects in bubble wrap for transport. With pictures you should also stick masking tape across the glass. This ensures the picture remains intact even if the glass breaks.

After the move our sofa burst open

If anything does go wrong

Was the furniture too heavy after all? Has the moving box with the china slipped out of your helper's hands? Does the parquet flooring in the old apartment have a monster scratch? Damage to your rented apartment is covered by personal liability insurance. If your valuable vase is broken during transport or the sofa bursts open, the situation is more complicated: According to the law, your private moving helper, who is helping out as a favor to you, is possibly not or only partly liable for the damage incurred. This also applies to the removal company. It may also limit its liability. 

For valuable household effects, we recommend that you take out special transport insurance for the moving day. You can often do that directly through the moving company. If thieves steal a moving box or individual items, this is covered – depending on where the item was stolen – by the basic coverage or by the additional module "simple theft outside of the home" for your household contents insurance.

With all the stress, I almost forgot our wedding anniversary

Take your time

Moving home means stress. Not only because there's a whole lot to do, but also because your life is often undergoing a profound change, be that your job or your family situation. In spite of all the pressure, you should take time to adapt to this new situation at your new place of residence. Include some spare time in your schedule. That way you will remain calm, even if something unforeseen happens on moving day.

Don't forget the neighbors

You will hopefully be living in peace with your new neighbors for the next few years. So don't antagonize them on the first day. Announce your move by putting a note in the letterbox of all residents. This allows you to introduce yourself right away – and, for example, invite the new neighbors over for a welcome drink after moving in.

Moving checklist for a stress-free move

We've thought of everything for you: With our moving checklist, you can get started in a structured way, organize the right help, and look forward to a stress-free move. Download our moving checklist as a PDF.

Download moving checklist 

Expert tip

Good to know: With Zurich your household contents are protected during the move up to CHF 2,000, provided you have taken out the supplementary insurance "Accidental damage to contents".Good to know: When moving home, your household goods are exposed to certain risks. To protect yourself against damage during packing and transport, you can take out contents accidental damage insurance. This way, your belongings are comprehensively insured, even if they are dropped, for example. And the best part is: This addition to your household contents insurance protects you against financial loss even after the move. So you no longer have to worry if a glass tips over your laptop and damages it or the guitar slips out of your hand.

Moving tips for families

  1. Use your strength and energy carefully
    If you have children, normal everyday life can already be very busy. So leave enough time for preparation and packing – if possible do this during daytime, as this will help you to save your energy for the actual move.
  2. Let the little ones do their part
    Are your children looking forward to their new home? Even though it may be somewhat slower – let your children help with preparing for the move. For example, by filling their own box with their favorite toys for the move to the new home.
  3. Making the new start easier
    Make it easier for your children to switch day-care center, kindergarten or school. For example, you could visit the new school, the playground, or even organize membership in the new sports club. This way it will be easier for them to adapt to their new surroundings.

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