Change of address checklist

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Change of address checklist

Remember to inform public authorities and companies about your change of address in advance. This way you avoid unnecessary costs and you are well connected in your new home from day 1. With our checklist, nothing and no one is forgotten.
Inform the following public authorities and companies about your new address:

Public authorities

You should notify the following public authorities of your new address no later than 14 days after your move:

  • Residential community: Deregister from your old residential community and register with the new one. You can do this in person or, in certain communities, also online. You can find further information on
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office: Do you own a car? Notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office in your canton about your new address. Depending on whether you change canton, you will also receive new number plates in addition to a new vehicle registration document.
  • Military service / civil protection / civilian service: Do you need to complete civil/military service? Then inform the military authority, the responsible civilian service office or the civil protection office about your new residential community.
  • OASI Central Compensation Office: If you receive a pension or are self-employed, you must report your new address to your OASI Central Compensation Office.


  • Health insurance fund: The amount of the premiums varies from community to community. You should therefore inform your health insurance fund that you are moving.
  • Household contents and personal liability insurance: Notify your insurance company about your move. If you move in with someone else, then you can take out Household contents insurance and Personal liability insurance together. Also check the sum insured. If your household contents increase, you should also increase the sum insured.
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance: The amount of your Motor vehicle liability insurance premium depends on where you live. You should therefore inform your insurance company that you are moving.

You can notify us of your new address online.
You should also notify other insurers that you are moving.


Have your mail forwarded from your old place of residence to your new address. With a forwarding request, you can avoid missing letters and parcels. You can find further information at

Energy supply

Notify your electricity, gas and water supplier about your move. This will ensure that the meter reading is correct on the day you move. This will ensure you don't pay the costs of the people who move into your old address. Register with the new energy supplier at the new location so that everything is ready on the move-in date.


  • Telephone and internet: You can generally take your internet and fixed network contracts with you unchanged to your new place of residence, as long as the service provider can actually provide the services at the new location. If you want to use the house move to switch providers, then you need to consider your minimum contract term and your notice period.
  • Radio and television: The collection agency for radio and television fees (Serafe) is informed about your change of address by your community. So you do not need to do anything else.

You should also notify the following people and companies about your move:

  • Employer
  • Banks / PostFinance
  • Credit card company
  • Schools / day care centers
  • Training centers
  • Dentist / Doctors
  • Lawyer / Tax advisor
  • Online shops where you have a customer account
  • Magazines/newspapers to which you have a subscription
  • Clubs and associations
  • Family and friends

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