New smartphone? This insurance makes sense for you.

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New smartphone? This insurance makes sense for you.

Whether you’re running for the tram or at home at the dining table: Just a moment’s carelessness can send your new cellphone crashing to the floor. In this article, we’ll answer frequently asked questions and show you the best way to insure your new smartphone, so if damage occurs it’s ultimately only your cellphone that takes a hit.

When it is worth getting cellphone insurance?

The short answer is: It depends. On what? That’s what we’ll reveal in the following. After all, it doesn’t always make sense to get cellphone insurance – but with the right solution, it can even be less expensive than you think.

A new cellphone can easily cost CHF 1,000 or more. Thanks to Netflix, Spotify and Co., a smartphone is no longer just a telephone, but also a TV, music library and computer in one. Yet the more often you carry your cellphone around, the greater the probability that it will be dropped and damaged.

Purchasing cellphone insurance directly from the retailer sounds practical, but on closer inspection there is often a cheaper option.

Which cellphone insurance makes sense for me?

There are various options for insuring your smartphone. 

Option 1: Insuring the phone directly with the retailer
This seems like the simplest option. When you purchase the phone, you buy cellphone insurance at the same time from the same provider. Quick, straightforward, but unfortunately not that cheap. The premiums are relatively high, often in double figures each month. And on top of that there’s usually a deductible in case of a claim.
Conclusion: It’s worth reading the small print and doing your sums.

Option 2: Insure the cellphone through your contents insurance

  • Step 1: Against theft
    Your cellphone is insured against theft from your home via your contents insurance, as is the case for all the other items in your home. Select the additional module for “simple theft outside of the home” to ensure your cellphone is also insured against pickpockets when you’re out and about. At Zurich, the deductible of CHF 200 is eliminated after three claim-free years. But note: This means your cellphone is not insured against damage from being dropped or similar mishaps. 
    Conclusion: Practical solution for theft, comprehensive protection but only with the relevant additional module.
  • Step 2: Against breakage
    What exactly is cover for accidental damage to electrical equipment? Consider the fact that your device cannot only be stolen, but might also be dropped or fall in your cup of coffee. The additional module for “accidental damage to electrical equipment” on top of your contents insurance will cover these kinds of damages, regardless of whether they were caused by you or somebody else. It’s practical: All electronic devices in your home are insured, including tablets, televisions and laptops – all thanks to integration in the existing contents insurance for a moderate surcharge.
    Conclusion: Low-cost option with comprehensive cover.

What damages are covered?

Imagine you leave your smartphone in the tram or you accidentally drop it on the pavement or into the toilet. With cover through your contents insurance, your smartphone is protected in all of these incidents by means of the additional modules for “simple theft outside” and “accidental damage to electrical equipment”. But what does it cost each month? 

Sample calculation: The cost of insuring your smartphone

In order to calculate the cost of insuring a cellphone, we are using the example of fictional couple Noah and Alina.

  • They live in a 4.5-room apartment in the city of Zurich.
  • Their household contents are insured for an estimated sum of CHF 105,000.

The annual premium for Zurich contents insurance in this case is currently CHF 354.80 per year, including “simple theft outside”. If the couple wishes to insure their cellphones by means of the additional module for “accidental damage to electrical equipment”, they will pay only CHF 65 more each year. That amounts to CHF 5.45 each month. Not a bad deal, right? In case of damage, each device is covered up to an insured sum of CHF 2,000. The deductible in each case amounts to CHF 200. 

Key facts at a glance

  • Protect your cellphone with a shock and waterproof case, as the most common types of damage are broken screens, batteries and water damage.
  • Integrate the additional modules "Accidental damage to electrical equipment" and "Simple theft outside" into your household contents insurance instead of insuring it through a retailer. This provides you financial security in the event of damage, destruction or theft.
  • Check whether a repair is worthwhile if, for example, the screen is damaged.
  • Secure your personal data, such as photos, by performing regular backups.
  • Keep your cellphone's software up to date and agree to software updates.

Cyber protection for your mobile phone

Protect your mobile phone against cyber attacks with the Zurich Cyber Security App. The app bundles all relevant protection functions such as password manager or device protection and can be used on up to 10 end devices at the same time – including friends and family. 

Cyber – Prevention: Prevention services help with detection of attempted fraud or insecure connections to minimize cyber attacks. With the Zurich Cyber Security App you have all relevant protection functions bundled in one app as well as telephone help from IT and cyber security experts – for questions and in an emergency.

Our cyber insurance modules offer supplementary financial protection for online shopping and browsing – available individually or in combination.

  • Cyber – Safe Shop & Pay: For those who like to shop online. This cyber insurance offers protection for all aspects of online shopping – from payment through to delivery.
  • Cyber – Safe Surf: For those who want to use the internet without risk. This cyber insurance protects you against financial consequences if your devices are infected by malware or affected by a hacker attack.

Discover more about cyber protection

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