Cancer: Find the best therapy thanks to a second opinion

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Cancer: Find the best therapy thanks to a second opinion

USZ: Our partner for health issues

Thanks to our partnership with the University Hospital Zurich, we benefit from its expertise in health issues. And we are happy to share this with our customers and any interested parties. This allows us to inform them about topics that help them to live well and healthily – a sort of additional fourth pillar of provision.

After a cancer diagnosis, the world stops turning for a while: Nothing is the same as it was before. But then the questions start: What can be done to fight the cancer? With chemo, surgery, radiation or immunotherapy? Which combination and which sequence promise the best chance of success?

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Wicki
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Andreas Wicki

Cancer therapy is just as individual as the personal situation of those affected by the illness. And there are often different options, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. This makes it all the more important to make the right individual decision. A second opinion can help here.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Wicki is Director of the Clinical Program Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University Hospital Zurich. In his interview, he explains why a second opinion is worthwhile:


When should cancer patients seek a second opinion?

Andreas Wicki: Whenever there are questions or uncertainties regarding the diagnosis or the form of therapy. In the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCCZ), we support people affected by cancer in finding solutions. With us, it's not just one specialist who gives advice, as patients benefit from the recommendation of an entire team of medical and oncological specialists from numerous disciplines, based on the specific situation.

How do I get a second opinion? 

Andreas Wicki: Patients can register for a second opinion at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich using an online form. Within three working days, the doctors of the certified cancer center will contact you. An appointment with a suitable specialist at the CCCZ can then be coordinated: The person affected by cancer receives a situational analysis and a therapy recommendation. They benefit from personal counseling and receive answers to any open questions.

Why should I get my second opinion at the certified cancer center of the USZ? 

Andreas Wicki: Especially when it comes to cancer, the better the treatment is adapted to the specific tumor, the better the chances of recovery. The CCCZ is a center for precision oncology and it is closely networked. Interns and researchers work together in an interdisciplinary way for the benefit of those affected. In the 17 specialized organ tumor centers, numerous specialist areas are networked together and bundle the knowledge for different tumor types and cancers. Diagnosis options and therapy recommendations are discussed across disciplines in weekly tumor boards. Cancer patients thus benefit from holistic medical care and, thanks to the numerous clinical studies and intensive research, from new, innovative approaches to treatment.

Do I have to pay for the second opinion myself?

Andreas Wicki: Generally, the costs for a second opinion are covered by the health insurance companies for people who have health insurance in Switzerland. However, it's certainly advisable to clarify this with the health insurance company in advance.

Zweitmeinung bei Krebs – Jetzt Termin vereinbaren

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