How we practice social responsibility

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How we practice social responsibility

"As one of Switzerland's largest employers, it is our sincere desire to live up to our social responsibility", says Jolanda Grob, Chief Human Resources Officer at Zurich Switzerland. For this reason, we are involved in sustainable partnerships and initiatives for the benefit of society. The role that these social values play as part of our unique culture is also felt by our employees in their daily work.
Sustainability is a key element of Zurich Switzerland's corporate strategy: In terms of sustainability, we are committed both to our customers and business partners and to society and the environment. As a responsible employer, we keep an eye, not only on social justice, but also on the interests of our employees. Based on our unique culture, we continue to jointly develop our diverse, integrative and trusting work environment.

Deeds not only words: our social commitment

We take our social responsibility as a modern employer very seriously. Zurich has a tradition of investing in young people, and through various programs, we offer training and an opening to a range of professions in our industry. We also offer various pathways for the integration and reintegration of people whose access to the labor market is more difficult. In this way, we contribute to society, while at the same time increasing the diversity in our company. As Jolanda Grob points out: "To inspire our customers and business partners, we need to be committed. What is more, to address their needs properly, we need to be as diverse as they are."

Reintegration of the long-term unemployed at Zurich

We put our people at the center: With a special initiative, we promote diversity and inclusion. Together with Social Security institution (SVA) Zurich, we offer a new perspective for the long-term unemployed, and we are committed to the elimination of stigma. We help people who have been unable to work for an extended period due to an accident or sickness to return to the labor market.

In addition, we were among the finalists for the 2023 Swiss Arbeitgeber-Award «This-Priis» that SVA awards to companies that support the integration of people with disabilities. According to the judging panel, programs for integration are not yet very common in large corporates. It makes us even happier we can contribute to society with this initiative.

Refugees learn how to write code

We are one of the sponsors of the "Powercoders" organization that teaches refugees how to code in order to enable them to find a job in the IT industry. So far, the experiences Zurich Switzerland has made with the "Powercoders" interns have been very positive. Meanwhile, several former powercoders have joined us on a permanent basis. 

Career opportunities for professional athletes

Thanks to the "Athletes Network" , former professional athletes can make use of their special skills in a second professional career. As a partner of "Athletes Network", Zurich Switzerland promotes their entry into the job market. We have already attracted some new talent through the organization – making us even more diverse.

Integration of people with disabilities

At Group level, too, Zurich assumes its social responsibility as an employer that is committed to society and wants to give something back to society. As part of the "Valuable 500", the Zurich Insurance Group promotes inclusion and diversity at the workplace around the globe. "Valuable 500" combines the expertise of 500 CEOs and their companies. This results in innovative concepts for the fair integration of the disadvantaged in the labor market.

We believe in diversity. Do you?

At Zurich Switzerland, we set standards for sustainable work – both externally in the labor market with our involvement and projects and internally by investing in the ongoing development of our employees. We believe in diversity. Diversity and inclusion are what make us strong and are thus an inherent part of our corporate culture. We live up to our Employee Promise: Each and every employee is part of our unique culture, in which we jointly shape the working world of tomorrow and make customer excellence tangible. 

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