Report a storm or hail damage online or by phone

Extreme weather

Storm or hail damage

We are there for you in the event of an incident.

Occurences of loss involving storms, flooding or hail give rise to many unpleasant and time-consuming tasks. Zurich supports you in every respect, quickly and simply.

Report your claim online Quick and easy in a few minutes

Damage to the vehicle


1. Report damage

The first thing you do is report your damage online. During this you can arrange an appointment at one of our Help Points. In the event of major hailstorms, we will also open local Hail Help Points for you.

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2. Hail Help Point

At the Help Point, our team of vehicle experts will assess your vehicle damage and initiate the next steps together with you. You have the option of a payout or repair.

3. Repair

After the inspection at the Help Point, Zurich will organize the repair at your request using state-of-the-art methods and the highest quality - lifetime repair guarantee included.

Damage to personal property or to a building


Personal property

The best way to notify us of damage to your household goods or other movable property on the premises resulting from extreme weather or acts of God is to use the following online form or give us a call.


Damage to a building

Report building damage caused by natural hazards if the location is in one of the following cantons: AI, GE, OW, SZ, TI, UR, VS or Liechtenstein. For all other cantons, please contact the cantonal buildings insurance.

Hail damage: When it’s raining ice

What’s a Hail Help Point?

Zurich organizes so-called Hail Help Points in areas that are severely affected by hail. This allows us to offer rapid and convenient assistance to anyone affected. People who are closer to a permanent Zurich Help Point can have their damage inspected there. Appointments can be made during the online claim notification process. The Help Point Finder provides you with an overview of all Help Points.

Our service in the event of hail damage to your vehicles

Hailstones can cause significant damage to motor vehicles. Zurich supports you in these cases, quickly and simply. During the online claims notification process, you can make an appointment with one of our local Hail Help Points, which Zurich sets up after major hailstorms.

Zurich organizes the repair and ensures your mobility

At a Hail Help Point you can get an expert opinion on your vehicle, have the claim amount paid out or have your car repaired immediately on the spot. Upon request, Zurich can organize repairs using cutting-edge methods and the highest quality – lifetime repair guarantee included. Thanks to a free replacement car, you remain mobile at all times.

Our service in the event of storm damage

Storms and flooding can seriously affect buildings, furniture, appliances and the landscape. Zurich supports you in dealing with storm damage, quickly and professionally. Report any damage to us immediately using the online damage report.

We help you in word and deed

Our specialists discuss what action is to be taken next with you and provide you with tips on the most important measures that you can personally carry out on site:
  • Switch off electronic devices and elevator systems and remove associated fuses
  • Get non-damaged items out of harm's way
  • Photograph damaged items and create a list of them
  • Have available receipts ready
  • Document own work to clean things up