Unlimited freedom: Carefree travel with a caravan or motorhome


Unlimited freedom: Carefree travel with a caravan or motorhome

A motorhome or caravan is the gateway to countless vacation adventures and unforgettable experiences. The right insurance coverage guarantees carefree travel. Find out which caravan or motorhome insurance policies you can take out so that you are well covered in the event of breakdowns or emergencies.

The perfect travel companion

The choice of motorhome or caravan is as individual as traveling. Budget, travel preferences and requirements in terms of ease of driving all influence the decision. Take your time: Find out about the different options and maybe even take a weekend trip to find out what suits you best.

Motorhomes and campers are practical all-in-one solutions: They are self-powered and are used both for traveling and as living space. For light motor vehicles up to 3.5 t, a normal category B driver's license is usually sufficient. For motor vehicles between 3.5 t and 7.5 t, a category C1 or D1 driver's license is usually required. Do you want to stay overnight outside campsites? Do you want to get from A to B quickly? These travel preferences speak more in favor of a motorhome. 

Caravans are attached to a towing vehicle. They are not self-powered and serve as a home on four wheels. For caravans with a total weight of over 750 kg or if the total towing weight exceeds 3.5 t, a category BE driving license is generally required. Do you like to stay in one place for a little longer? Do you enjoy exploring the local area? These travel preferences speak more in favor of a caravan. 

Flat tires, bad luck and breakdowns

Do you enjoy traveling and value freedom and independence? Then a motorhome or caravan promises unforgettable vacation experiences. But should your happy travels be spoiled by a breakdown, an emergency or an accident, we are there for you. Whether in Switzerland or abroad, whether your vehicle has been damaged or not, whether you have overlooked an obstacle, or whether nasty thieves have been at work. Insurance coverage is very easy to obtain: All registered motor vehicles, including motorhomes, must have motor vehicle insurance. A caravan is usually already covered by the liability insurance of the towing vehicle. Depending on your needs, you can also insure your motorhome or caravan and the items you take with you with accidental damage insurance.

Motor vehicles: Liability insurance required by law

In Switzerland, all motor vehicles must have at least motor third party liability insurance in order to allow them to be registered. This insurance provides benefits for damage caused by your vehicle to other persons or property. The compulsory insurance also applies to motorhomes and campers. Caravans, on the other hand, generally do not need their own liability insurance, as they are covered by the towing vehicle's insurance.

Good to know: With our additional cover for gross negligence, we waive the right to claim back the cost of damage caused by gross negligence from the party responsible for the damage (exceptions are alcohol, incapacity to drive, speeding offenses, reckless overtaking and participation in unauthorized races with motor vehicles). 

Additional protection thanks to accidental damage cover

Accidental damage insurance offers additional protection for your motorhome. You can choose between single vehicle accidental damage coverage and comprehensive coverage, depending on your needs. Single vehicle accidental damage insurance covers damage to the motorhome or caravan caused by glass breakage, hail or martens, for example. Comprehensive insurance covers self-inflicted damage to your own motorhome or caravan. Parking damages, glass damage including headlights, interior protection or items brought along in the vehicle can be included in accidental damage insurance through additional cover. Find out more about whether single vehicle or comprehensive insurance might be worthwhile for you.

How to protect personal items

The additional cover "Items brought along" applies if items carried by passengers are damaged at the same time as the vehicle or are stolen from a fully locked motorhome or caravan. Electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets or navigation devices) and leisure or sports equipment are also insured.

Tips for the right cover

  • Take into account the value of your motorhome and the items you are taking with you.
  • Check the sum insured and make sure that it is sufficient to provide adequate compensation in the event of a loss.
  • Customize the scope of the cover to suit your individual needs and choose additional options such as protection for personal items or items you are taking with you.

Further additional insurance

Supplement your motorhome or caravan insurance with additional insurance benefits:

How to save on motorhome insurance

If you drive less than 7,000 km with your motorhome per year, then MyWay, the mileage-based car insurance, may be the right solution for you. In addition to a basic monthly fee, you only pay for the kilometers you actually drive. Your motorhome is protected around the clock, and you can always keep an eye on your mileage and costs via the app.

Deposit the license plates at the road traffic office if you are not using your motorhome for a significant period of time, for example over the winter months. You will receive a discount in the amount of the premium due for the period of non-use and generally do not pay any road taxes or fees. Once you get the travel bug again, you can easily order insurance certificates online using the form to re-register your license plates.

1 instead of 2: With interchangeable plates, you can use one license plate for two different vehicles. A practical advantage if you have two vehicles that are not driven at the same time.

Check the amount of the deductible in the event of a loss. A higher deductible can help to reduce the cost of the insurance, but it also means that you will have to pay part of the claim amount yourself in the event of a loss. Carefully weigh up which deductible is best for you.

Temporary motorhome or caravan

Do you want to hire a mobile travel companion? Our insurance for rental and sharing vehicles protects you against expensive surprises if you rent a camper from a commercial provider: The deductible, contractually owed vehicle repairs, breakdown and towing costs are insured up to CHF 5,000. 

With our partner and car subscription provider Carify, you can subscribe to vehicles from a minimum term of one month. The monthly fee includes an all-inclusive package that includes insurance, service and maintenance, tires, taxes and even the Swiss freeway vignette. 

In this article, you can find out what you need to look out for when borrowing a motorhome from a friend: Third-party driver insurance.

Before you set off

With this checklist you are well prepared for worry-free travel! 

  • Thoroughly check the condition of your motorhome or caravan, including tires, brakes, lights, fluid levels and all electrical systems.
  • Remember to pack these documents: Identity card or passport, insurance documents, health insurance card, driver's license, credit card, vehicle documents. 
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need, including food, medication, crockery, bedding, toiletries, etc. 

You can find everything you need to know about road trips in this article: https://www.zurich.ch/de/services/wissen/fahrzeuge-und-reisen/autoreisen-roadtrip.

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